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Avengers Movie Basic Captain America Shield

Avengers Movie Basic Captain America
Avengers Movie Basic Captain America Shield Image 1


Color: Red, Silver, Blue
Package Quantity: 1

I believe you will love that the toy has got this feature, hold it up to protect yourself, or send it spinning through the air!. Other features include ages 5+ years. 0653569701538 is the EAN barcode also known as the International Article Number for this toy. These toys comes in red, silver, blue. It's 2" Height x 11" Length x 11" Width and weighs close to 0.4 lbs. If you need a good deal for this Captain America toy, visit our store button below.

Make crime fighting action"come alive"with this incredible CAPTAIN AMERICA Flying Shield! Ages 5 and up. Just once they think they've got you cornered, send your shield flying via the air to take out their forces! With your energy and this shield, there's just no stopping you! When enemies seem and it's up to you to defeat them, hold your shield as drastically as protect yourself from their assaults. Shield measures about 11-inches in diameter.


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