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The Amazing Spider-man Figure

Amazing Spiderman Figure
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ASIN: B006CD202A


Package Quantity: 1

Amazing Spider-man Figure brought to you by Hasbro is genuinely good fun to play with. I do believe you will love that the toy has got this feature, send him into battle or stand him up in your collection. Other features include things like includes figure. Part Number 653569691556. It's 2.52"H x 5.98"L x 10"W. Searching for Amazing Spider-man Figure .

One bite from a radioactive spider altered Peter Parker's life forever. He looks just like the web-slinging hero and his hands are poised to fire a web or swing into action. Your adventures are just beginning with your The Amazing Spider-Man figure! Start the incredible wall-crawling action with this super detailed The Amazing Spider-Man figure! Once a mild-mannered college student, he now amazes as the wall-crawling hero The Amazing Spider-Man!


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